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Bell ou Vidéotron Works on your Bell or Videotron phone right now!
Bell ou Vidéotron NO need to sign up, register, or switch telephone carriers!
Bell ou Vidéotron All charges appear on your local phone bill!
Bell ou Vidéotron NO monthly fees!
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How to use 10-10-10-9

International calls, dial:

10-10-10-9 + 011 + country code + number

North America & the Caribbean, dial :

10-10-10-9 + 1 + number

*When dialing, do not pause between the numbers. Dial all numbers one after the other.

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*Prices are subject to change without notice. Unlimited calling is for normal residential use with fair usage policy allowance of 150 minutes per call and does not apply to calls made to certain destinations including, but not limited to, Cuba and cellular phones. Calls over 5 seconds are subject to a minimum cost of 99¢ per call. All 10-10-10-9 calls will be rounded up and billed to two decimal places and will appear on your local telephone bill. 10-10-10-9 service is currently available only to customers in the province of Quebec whose local telephone exchange carrier is either Bell Canada or Videotron. Convergia Networks, Inc. and its 10-10-10-9 service are not affiliated to, or associated with Bell Canada or Videotron. Additional information can be obtained by calling 1-844-901-0109.